We welcome to Switzerland Viktor Stålberg, the new import player of EV Zug! Let’s get to know him better…



Date of birth: 17.01.1986

Country: SWEDEN

Height: 190cm

Position: LW / RW

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Viktor Stålberg was born in Gothenburg (Sweden) the 17th of january 1986.


As a player he grew up in the youth organization of Lerums BK, the same organization in which also his new teammate Carl Klingberg has been formed!

After playing also among the youth of Mölndal Hockey, Viktor’s first real taste of professional hockey dates back to the 2005-06 season, when he played with the U20 of Frölunda HC.

His qualities were clear to everyone to see, so next season Stålberg moved oversea and joined the University of Vermont. 2006 is also the year of his NHL draft, during which he is chosen by the Toronto Maple Leafs during 6th round in 161st overall position.

In the Vermont University, Viktor remained for 3 seasons until the end of the 2008-09 season, when he signed his first contract as a professional.

The next season is fairly split between the Toronto Marlies in AHL and the Toronto Maple Leafs in NHL. It’s the beginning of his career.

On June 30th 2010 then, Viktor was included in a trade with the Chicago Blackhawks. A trade that curiously involved also players that we know quite well in Switzerland… Stålberg, together with Philippe Paradis and Chris DiDomenico, has been traded for Bill Sweatt and Kris Versteeg!

With the Blackhawks, Viktor Stålberg remained for 3 seasons until the end of 2012-13 (the season of the last lockout during which he played also in Sweden for the Frölunda HC 11 matches and for Atlant Mytishchi in the KHL 14 matches).

For the 2013-14 season, and for the next 2, the Swede moved to Nashville to play for the Predators. It should be noted that during the second season, Viktor also played 20 matches with the jersey of the Milwaukee Admirals in AHL.

In 2015-16 he played for the glorious New York Rangers, while last season he spent it between Carolina (57 matches with the Hurricanes) and Ottawa (18 matches with the Senators).

In short, a sort of globetrotter! That during the 2012-13 season with the Chicago Blackhawks, he was part of the team that lifted the ambitious Stanley Cup, playing 19 matches in the playoffs and putting in the scoresheet 3 assists.


Viktor Stålberg is described as an extremely fast player!

In order to know him better, and to know what to expect from him as a player, we got in touch with Ross Arnold, the manager of the site ( )

We thank him for his availability, and below we propose you in full his impressions on the player. Namely, his strengths, and his weaknesses.


The biggest thing about Stålberg’s game is his speed. He’s very fast, and he gets to top speed in a hurry. He’s also able to slot in on nearly any line. He can complement a scoring line, he can play as a shutdown forward, and he can play on an energy line as well.


In the couple months he played with Ottawa, the biggest complaint about him was his lack of scoring. He played a number of minutes, He only scored four points in two months in the season, and two points in the playoffs. He can try to open up space for his teammates on a scoring line, but he’s not the one who’s going to score goals or make the impressive assists.


Fans in Ottawa really seemed to like him, not just because he’s Swedish. I think because he pushes play in the right direction, he’s fast, he seems like the kind of player whose game is well-suited for modern hockey. I think a lot of fans were disappointed Ottawa didn’t re-sign him, which you can’t say about lots of bottom-six forwards.

Thank you very much, Ross Arnold!


Viktor Stålberg is a very interesting player. His qualities are undisputed, and we are convinced that his speed may prove to be crucial in a championship like the Swiss one.

Last but not least, we also believe that the greater space he will be able to enjoy in the European Rinks can hugely benefit him. Also and above all from a scoring point of view. We’ve got proves already in fact… during the lockout season, Stålberg played 11 games in Sweden for the Frölunda HC, scoring 7 goals and a total of 12 points!


Viktor Stålberg, during the last lockout season (2012-13), as we said he played 11 games for Frölunda HC. During that part of the season, Viktor was teammate of Henrik Tömmerens, the new import player of Genève Servette!

During the 2005-06 season, when Stålberg played for the U20 of Frölunda HC he was teammate of a player who played last year in our league … Patrik Zackrisson! For the record, at the end of that season Stålberg was crowned as the team’s top scorer (41 games, 53 points), while Zackrisson ranked second (39 games, 45 points).

Let’s now look at his career stats and finally some videos.

Welcome, Viktor!



Viktor Stålberg - Goal

Viktor Stålberg - Goal

Viktor Stålberg - Goal

Viktor Stålberg - Fight